Friday, December 2, 2011

Universal AM-FM Hidden Windshield Antenna

This is a universal AM/FM antenna that is easy to  hide in your automobile, truck, and even boat! Just hide it  anywhere, simple hook ups, peel, and stick, glass, roof, headliner, inside the  camper, mounts to any surface.
  • New  proprietary design that enhances performance with unique MICO Screen  element.
  • Small and sleek so you  can stick it anywhere in almost any vehicle
  • Ground independent
  • AM  radio - 535 kilohertz to 1.7 megahertz
  • FM  radio - 88 megahertz to 108 megahertz
  • Gain:  Unity
  • Length:  24’’
  • Output  plug: Standard car radio
  • Cable:  9 feet of Low Loss 5Y-3P19M
  • Patent  # DS 454862 Operates on all DIGITAL and Traditional AM-Fm Radios
  • Weight: 3.5 oz

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