Monday, December 26, 2011

titanium bolts

these titanium are listed on the 2002 faq website but the OP has not responded in a considerable amount of time...and numerous emails have been sent making inquires about these products without responses...while searching i found the following below which is a source for metric nuts and bolts...various sizes... new idea...titanium fasteners for my e21...lug nuts, output shaft bolts and fastener plates, drive shaft bolts, rear shock bolts, sub-frame bolts, etc.

...the lugs...These are M12 with a 1.5 pitch on the threads...The lug bolts are basically $7 each, come in 27.5mm and 33mm lengths, and 2 different finishes.. The lug studs/nuts are $9 a piece, and only come the way you see them in the photo. Sets can be shipped anywhere in the continental US for an additional $8. The lug bots are just under an ounce lighter aPiece than stock steel Lug bolts, and the lug stud/nut is maybe %20 lighter that the lug bolt, but certainly more than an ounce apiece compared to steel stud/nut....

flywheel housing and bolts

Guibo bolts and nuts

flywheel bolts

 output shaft bolts, and fastener plates