Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hartge E21 H3 Surfaces in Japan, or Does it?

My final post for the reader looking for an E21 or E28 BMW from one of the renowned tuners takes us to Japan.  Here is a Hartge H3, finished in black and looking the part.  From where I sit everything seems to be there, that is until you get to the interior and see the automatic transmission.  That makes this either the most rate of all Hartge cars or a fraud.  It is priced at Hartge money at nearly $23k so I am hoping it is the real deal. 

Those interested would want to see the Hartge stamp under the hood and confirm with some of the Hartge experts on the interwebs that this is authentic.  Hartge was not known for their record keeping so confirming authenticity could be tricky.  Putting that aside this “H3″ looks fantastic. 

This car has traveled a reasonable 83k miles and looks to be in good shape.  As mentioned above, most of the value here lies in its status as a true Hartge car.  Specifially in the fact that this may be the only automatic transmission car Hartge may have ever produced.  A quick check under the hood could prove this fact and if verified would make a fantastic buying opportunity.