Saturday, December 3, 2011


this is a treasured picture i have of my son guiding me into the bmw's temporary home in canton, ohio in october 2010...the apartment i temporaily rented there had a nice 2 stall garage for storage...the caption below has nothing to do with my son in this picture but at times i certainly feel foolish looking back at this after dismanteling this e21 and moving in the middle of the restoration...

"There's nothing more dangerous than a resourceful idiot." 
                                                           -Scott Adam


  1. Nice) Your son fan of the E21?)
    My 21 got me just from my father), Now he drives a Mitsubishi L200 ))

  2. thanks for asking vic...yeah he likes the car...but...he like many american kids he likes and drives a honda civic...he wants me to finish the car and just give it to him...right, wrong. i got so much out of working with my father...and i want that for him daily driver is a toyota

  3. Civic.. i don't like a FWD cars.. I know in America, Civic or other japan cars is popular "first car". in the Russia is VAZ, that people are trying to tune, and in most cases, it looks very funny - because the machine with a capacity of 80 hp roars as if it where not less than 400 : D was lucky, I have the amazing classic BMW, which stands out on the road, and without the roaring exhaust