Saturday, February 11, 2012

"wear metals"

over on the forums there was a conversation regarding oil sampling, metallic wear and oil analysis...

seriously, say you have a large investment in a race motor ($50k+-). you wouldn't just wait till it blows up. maybe your running full systhetic oil and want to take advantage of extended drain schedule. analysis would tell you when it's time to dump it or even to just change the fillter.

here are some of the "wear metals" in a car engine that end up in the oil when wear is occuring...

Iron (Fe) Cylinder Liners, Rings, Gears, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Valve Train, Oil Pump Gear

Chrome (Cr) Rings, Liners, Exhaust Valves, Shaft Plating

Aluminum (Al) Pistons, Thrust Bearings, Turbo Bearings, Main Bearings

Nickel (Ni) Valve Plating, Steel Alloy from Crankshaft, Camshaft

Copper (Cu) Lube Coolers, Main and Rod Bearings, Bushings, Turbo Bearings

Lead (Pb) Main and Rod Bearings,

Tin (Sn) Piston Flashing, Bearing Overlay, Bronze Alloy, Babbit Metal

Silver (Ag) Wrist Pin Bushings

oh yeah, and he asked "What is the best way to tell if your engine bearings are going bad?" pending was my word.