Monday, February 28, 2011

E30 M3 S14 Exhaust Manifold

E30 M3 S14 Exhaust Manifold
E30 M3 Header with Jet Hot Ceramic Coating

You are bidding on a very good used set of S14 headers (no cracks or any damage) that I sent to Jet Hot for 1300 Sterling high luster coating.  The coating covers both the inside and outside of the header tubes and is known as the one of the best high-tech coating in the business.  For more info, see:

Plans changed and I am unloading this beautiful piece.  It has not been installed since the treatment.


Love the stance, love the contrasting wheels with black and chrome rims

Sunday, February 27, 2011

california VIN: 5400635

California VIN: 5400635

late model 323i trailing arm disc brake disassembly

The pinned castle nut that was unimaginably difficult to remove with heat and a 4 ft cheater pipe on a 12 point socket
Notice the castle nut has been dressed with a file revealing the naive pipe wrench attempts before taking more drastic measures
The interior of the emergency brake mechanisms
Disc looks great, no scars, grooves, or warpage (re-useable!)
The opposite side

No issues, just needs cleaned

sub-frame rebuild and toe & camber adjustment welds

With Toe & Camber Adjustments Welded on (Outside)
Toe & Camber Welded on (Inside)

The Concentric Adjustment on the bolt side of the adjustment BMW P/N:
compare the 'new' ireland engineering adjustment bracket compared to the smooth ones that i installed...some say once the camber is established the concentric disc should be tac welded to hold it in place
The Concentric Adjustment on the nut side of the adjustment

Bracket that allows the trailing arm fastener to slide for the toe and camber adjustment required for cars that have been lowered

This is an original dinan camber & toe adjustment
Original dinan

This is the eccentric bolt sold by Ireland Engineering, it is actually a BMW E39 5-Series part: 
p/n 33 32 1 092 310 bolt  (M12 X 1.5 X 98mm)  p/n 33-32-1-093-456 washe