Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1977 california car (2 yrs 2 months)

Production date: 15 September 1976
Color: Iberischrot/Korral


BBS RS016 15x6.5 ET32 4x100

This car is SEX!

BBS RS 001 15x7 et25

wheels: bbs rs 002--15x8---et 12---4 lug

the model a

this is my son, standing in what would become a restored, stock 1929 model 'A' ford roadster with an original rumble seat...i've owned this car since i was 12 yrs old...

rear sub frame bushing restoration

How to restore rear sub-frame bushings with polyurethane for approximately $30. Using 80A durometer 2 part polyurethane casting compound from Mcmaster Carr (mcmaster.com), part number 8644K11 for $26.66.

Cut the stock rubber "bumpers" off the bushings. Then drilled 3 1/4" holes (to make 1 wide hole) all the way through the rubber bonded to the outer case (not the rubber connecting the case to the center piece) to have a rough area for the poly to bond better to, to get rid of more of the soft rubber, and to have 2 more through cannels for the poly to flow through to connect the top "bushing" to the bottom "bushing" better.

I made my "molds" out of cardboard sealed in duct tape and things turned out very well. Make sure you don't spring a leak. Mine started to set up just in time to stop the leaking before I ran out of urethane.

It made a big difference in the tightness of the whole car, and really cut down on rear body roll. There is slightly more vibration and road noise, but well worth the improvement in handling. Before, I used to get rear wheel hop and the subframe would slap the bottom of the car. This really cut down on the wheel hop and the subframe stays put.

Source: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/785257/1981-bmw-3-series/page-7
Author: Member ID: jrcook320
Location: Van Wert, OH  

NOTICE:  This is a cut-n-paste of a brief essay i found at cardomain.com and thought that the information was so important to me i wanted to store it here so that i would have it at my disposal and i also felt that the information in the essay is so valuable to the true hobbyist, and therefore worth passing along to the Legion.

OEM Wheels

as i have pointed out in previous posts...whether its alpina, OZ, or hartge many of the older styled wheels are refreshed, and then re-introduced...so it is with these hartge re-freshed wheels...

these are in my mind an outstanding buy...the problem? they are 17" wheels...

Price: $489.00
Brand New Set of Four (4) Silver
17" RS Style Wheels
with Blank Center Caps Included

Tire Packages Available - Please email for Details
Size: 17x7
Bolt Pattern: 4x100
Finish: Silver
Offset: 40
C.B: 67.1

(Hub Rings are Provided for the Mini)

These wheels will fit the following vehicles:
4x100 Fitment
86-01 Integra (not type R)

04-08 Aveo
05-08 Cobalt ( 4 lug )

95-05 Neon (4 lug)

91-99 Escort
94-99 Aspire
91-99 Tracer

80-91 CRX
80-2005 Civic (4 lug)
92-97 Del Sol
07-08 Fit
01-06 Insight

00-08 Accent

91-02 G20
90-92 M30

01-08 Rio
00-04 Spectra

90-05 Miata / MX5
92-96 MX3
90-01 Protege

08-08 Clubman
02-08 Cooper

02-07 Lancer ES

91-93 NX2000
87-90 Pulsar
87-99 Sentra

03-07 Ion (NOTredline)
91-02 S Series

03-07 XB/XA

02-07 Aerio

89-02 Corolla
00-05 MR2
85-89 MR2
91-99 Paseo
01-03 Prius
97-00 Tercel
07-08 Yaris

*Must use stud kit or tuner lugs*
97-on Cabrio
89-92 Corrado
ALL Golf / Jetta (4 Lug)
90-96 Passat