Monday, November 21, 2011

Brinkmeyern Front Spoiler

i ran across an ad for an automotive brochure for sale and found it fancinating that the front spoiler on this e21 was one i have never opinion on front spoilers change with the least the photography...this doesn't really offer much in terms of photography...but i still like the front end...

245 Getrag - 5 Speed Transmission

This is a 245 getrag 5 speed transmission that i am installing in the '77...replacing the 4 speed stock transmission...the transmission was disassembled, the case was placed in a hot caustic tank for 24 hrs but some of the dirt and pits would not come out and i didn't want to paint it...then replacing all 6 new bronze synchronizers, oil seals, clutch slave cylinder, and the reverse switch...

the 245 e21 manual transmission

Top you can see this transmission can be identified as a 3 piece transmission

Notice the new reverse switch and slave cylinder, and line

New Stuff is Sexy!

New Slave Cylinder

Make sure you are clear on which 5-speed shaft you want. There is one for the 3-piece case trans ('80-'82) and one for the 2 piece trans case ('83). They are different lengths...