Monday, October 17, 2011

how low can you go?

this blog is only a place where i have chosen to store pics, and information related to the restoration of my own 1977 e21. The restoration to stock is pretty straight forward and between the repair manual and the bimmerfourms there are plenty of helpful resources...however, the changes, upgrades, and customizations are what require research...this is an example of just that...this e21 has undergone what i assume was extensive suspension work...part of that included the lowering...i can't know what exactly took place BUT...for me, its just to low and i suspect this is what many describe as so low that it is performance effecting...


this is vic's car...vic is from russia and frequents this, vic responded to this post by directing me to his you can see, there is a significant difference between a standard 'stock' stance e21 (above) and a lowered e21 (top)..there are a lot of considerations i am thinking about in regard to lowering my 320i...the condition of the roads is probably THE most important consideration, the overall geomotry of the suspension is another obvious consideration...(are adjustments possible?) those are the things i am considering and i'm sure you are too, good luck!...nice car vic!

Garage Envy!

one of the fourm members recently put epoxy down on his concrete garage floor...i put this product down on a concrete floor at the old house and it was wonderful to work with and it is not only cosmetically appealing but it is also TOUGH! very NICE.

Notice the white ceiling, light grey wall, broken with red, and darker grey, black trim and specked black, white, and grey flakes on the epoxy floor. Choosing coordinating colors is an art whether its the color of a car or the color of the garage walls and floor...CLASS!! very nice job.