Friday, June 25, 2010

the new passenger fender . . .

today the fender came the i bought from the the bmw forum....nice rust as the guy said...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

bmw ///m paint

///M logo, the three stripes that make M branded cars even more recognizable. So, let’s see what we can learn about the “M” today.
The first Red stripe represented Texaco, the famous American oil retail brand, who had partnered with BMW during the early days of M racing. Blue represented BMW and Bavarian region. The purple was used to represent the partnership and to allow for a nice transition between the two colors, blending as some may call it.
Once the BMW/Texaco partnership ended, BMW had to buyout Texaco for the rights to the red.
For those of you that are in the imaging or graphics field, here is something that I dug out, the color names and codes used in the ///M stripes:

Blue — Pantone Process Blue
Purple — Pantone 268
Red — Pantone Warm Red

blue violett GLASURIT-BMW 4000
light blue GLASURIT-BMW 5002

Blue — 0 138 201 (Hex: 008AC9)
Purple — 43 17 90 (Hex: 2B115A)
Red — 241 26 34 (Hex: F11A22)

Pantone = color process (order) used by printing shops to define colors.
Paint = in this case it is refering to a GLASURIT paint code. Or a specific mix of auto paints.
RGB = Red, Green, Blue. The same process your computer monitor or TV uses to make colors.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

nice paint . . .

Look at 0:10 nice paint idea . . . however, it may be a little to extreme . . .

Monday, June 14, 2010

the new passenger fender i need . . .

these are the pictures that were sent to me from someone on the bimmerforums . . . bionicbelly is his handle . . . he emailed me at 9:12PM and the fender looks decent . . . here is what he posted at 10:16PM after sending me the email with the shipping information and the pictures . . .

Funny story...
I worked on getting good sheet metal, trans, front sub-frame etc. off the car today. Got quite a few things done, My brother in law started working on it after I left (he bought my old e21) and while using the torch to get some bolts cut out, he torched the car! I guess the grass caught on fire, which caught the grease/oil under the car on fire, then the tires started on fire. A quick call to 911 took care of the problem though.
It occured to me, after talking to him, that had I known he would be using the torch, I probably would not have used starting fluid to kill the nest of wasps that lived in the car. Ya know, just as a precautionary measure.

Anyway, I am just going to take the whole smoking pile to the salvage yard, and if you did paypal money to me, you have received a refund.


recaro seat change . . .


Drive Safely: Model Year 2050 MAGLEV Mercedes Arrow

Visions of future urban living often involve the death of the personal vehicle in favor of widespread public transportation. While we might commute between work and home on public transport in increasing numbers, it seems unlikely that we’ll give up the personal vehicle altogether. Driving is, after all, one of life’s simple pleasures. Designer Felipe Palermo took that into consideration when dreaming up the Mercedes Arrow concept car.

Palermo suggests that by 2050 we’ll only be driving ourselves around on the weekends, with our transportation needs being handled by suspended rail systems. But when we need a leisurely Sunday drive, this MAGLEV-driven vehicle will let us take control and explore the world on magnetic wheels.
The main compartment of the two-passenger car shifts with turns to keep riders safe and comfortable as they ride along. Since the wheels are actually secured to the roadway with magnets, there is a much smaller chance of off-road crashes and rollovers.

The wheels on this futuristic vehicle are also quite astonishing. They allow for re-injection of rubber when the treads become worn or experience a flat. This feature would keep untold amounts of old tires out of the waste stream, which is a good thing for everyone involved. The retro-Mercedes-inspired concept is nowhere near becoming a reality, but the prospect of an agile sports car that’s safe and fast is a decidedly intriguing one.

2010 International Concept Car Design Contest.

The Jetsons made us all believe that flying cars were the future of commuting, and in truth we’ve had the technology to create flying cars for quite some time now. They haven’t taken off, so to speak, for a number of reasons – most notably that air traffic control capabilities might be overwhelmed by a large number of personal aircraft flying around. With computerized air traffic control taking over, flying car ideas are again gaining traction.

This design is known simply as the YEE. It’s meant to be a futuristic mode of transportation that embodies the best of the flying car ideal. Designed by Pan Jiazhi, Zhu Wenxi and Lai Zexin, the concept car took the gold medal for Best Creative Future in the 2010 International Concept Car Design Contest

The YEE is geared toward single people or small families living in the suburbs who may face an unpleasant commute every morning. The vehicle would be able to get them to their destination quickly and pleasantly while avoiding the downtown traffic. But the car could be used for running errands around the neighborhood as well, because in its road mode it operates just like a regular car. When it’s ready to fly, the back wheels actually extend to become rear propellers.

The project information doesn’t mention how the transition from road vehicle to air vehicle is handled; the wings and propellers are used to propel and stabilize the vehicle when it’s driving on the road, so extending them before takeoff wouldn’t be possible. Of course, the design is only a concept at this point so it’s not worth tearing apart every one of its aspects. If the YEE ever goes into production those questions will have to be answered, but for now it’s an interesting and fun bit of futuristic car eye candy.

nice wheels

Le Mans Series, Speedy Racing Team Sebah . . these wheels are obviously the trend forward . . . they are very nice! i love these wheels!!!