Friday, March 2, 2012

engine bay lighting

weber carburetor linkage

this is an interesting example of weber linkage for sale on ebay...

engine bay lighting

recently on facebook someone was discussing and illustrating a lighting option they installed for their e21...utilizing specific patterns in the hood engineered to receive the lighting package for a under the bonnet lighting option...the option apparently is not illustrated in the online parts diagrams but instead is only illustrated in the ETK [Ersatzteilkatalog - or Electronic Parts Catalog]...the OP explains the following.

''When I was prepping the underside of the hood I recognized the oval shape and the two screw holes as they were the same as the underhood light on my e23 745. The switch area is pre shaped for the same switch that the door uses. I think the underhood light is common with the e28 too. I have it wired to the parking lights and switched so that it only illuminates when the hood is open and the parking or headlights are on.''

''I don't have PNs. Check the ETK and use e23 745 for 1985 as a starting point. The switch is any e21/e28/e23 door switch.''

''I wired the underhood to the parking light circuit. If the cars lights are off the underhood is also off if the hood is open.''

 ''You can take power for the underhood light at the connector near the left headlight assembly. That way, the light will only have power when the parking lights are on.''