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the emergency brake

...notice the bushing has been welded into the hand brake...


this is a 2002 painted with Valencia Orange, an exclusive BMW color, available on the new BMW 2012 1-Series M Coupe...i love the color, in fact i like it so much i'm considering painting my e21 this color instead of the original bmw korall...interestingly, in my search for colors i've discovered the following about the bmw color korall...


this implies my car was resprayed at some point between 1998 and 2000, which somewhat dates a previous restoration attempt...interesting. i searched the international BMW site and found this 6-Series M Coupe. [Sakhir Orange] is the listed 6-Series color...while the 1 Series is the listed paint color the 6 Series Sakhir Orange seems more close on the computer monitor...

Above is the 6-Series M Coupe in Sakhir Orange

Above is the 1-Series M Coupe in Valencia Orange

VIN: 2591786
Before I begin, I encourage all serious buyers to contact me directly at (517) 425-0129. Although this is a 7 day auction, I reserve the right to end early.

Very well done 2002, not only cosmetically, but mechanically, this car is spot on. Everything from the rare Valencia Orange paint (only available on the new 1-Series M Coupe) to the fuel injected MegaSquirt motor makes for a one of a kind '02...With all that said, description as follows:

M10 motor with E12 custom ground head, motor has approximately 4,000 miles since rebuild
284 cam
9.0:1 Mahle pistons
MegaSquirt II fuel injection and spark, laptop programmable
Ireland Engineering polished aluminum radiator
5 speed Getrag transmission, short throw shifter, awesome feel, super tight
Limited slip differential, 3.64 ratio
Large bore 5 series master cylinder with stainless braided lines
Front big brake kit with Girling calipers
Bilstein HD struts and shocks
Ireland Engineering front & rear sway bars
H&R springs
New custom exhaust with rear center exit
15x8 Enkei wheels with performance Dunlop Direzza DZ101 rubber
Polyurethane bushings front to rear
Custom cold air intake with K&N cone filter
Trunk mounted battery with rear strut tower brace
Vehicle runs and drives very well and reliably. No problem with long trips or the occasional track day.

New custom interior
Recaro buckets with carbon fiber inserts
Custom door panels with carbon fiber inserts
Momo steering wheel
After market gauges installed in console
After market AM/FM CD
Entire interior has orange stitching and head rest embroidery
Overall interior is new, professionally done.

Professional repaint, nicely finished in Valencia Orange, exclusive BMW color, available only on the new 1-Series M Coupe
Full BMW OEM widebody including turbo flares, turbo fascia, turbo style trunk spoiler, and aftermarket rear Euro style bumper
Custom 2002 turbo inspired vinyl graphics
Hella foglights
Flush fit Euro-market side markers

No expense spared, exceptional prep, paintwork, and fitment. If you have been considering the purchase of a classic BMW, look at this one closely. These cars are gaining value and this is certainly what I would consider an investment quality automobile. Please take the time to review all the pictures and don't hesitate to call for further questions. (517) 425-0129 I also have contact with a reasonable shipping company and would be glad to assist. Vehicle offered by Rare Rides, a licensed Michigan dealer.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hartge 323i RS & 335i

Hartge 323i RS & 335i

Hartge offered a choice of 2 E21 models. The 323i RS using the 2.3 litre K-Jet M20 power plant and the 335i using the 3.5 litre L-Jet M30 from the 635CSi.

323i RS: clearly based on the stock 323i, Hartge modified the cylinder head, fitted a faster camshaft and a exhaust manifold and exhaust system with better flow. A trunklid spoiler, decent badging and a leather Hartge steering wheel made the car look sportier. And so did the ASS sports seats in Hartge style cloth. Handling improvements were a 25 mm lowered suspension combined with Bilstein gas pressure shocks, 15”  BBS alloys with 205/50 and 225/50 tires. Optional was a set of 3 gauges including oil pressure and oil temperature to be fitted on top of the dash.

Specs: 180 BHP @ 6.200 RPM, 220 NM @ 4.300 RPM. Top speed 215 KMH, acceleration 0-100 KMH 7.5 sec.

335i: this was the big step further: as said before the big 3.5 litre M30 engine and matching gearbox from the 635CSi. The engine was slightly modified as was the suspension to cope with the extra power. The rear subframe was reinforced, a 40% LSD with extra mount was fitted as well as stronger transaxles. The front brakes were uprated using 4 calliper brakes and 271 mm vented discs. Further mods (compared to 323i RS): adjustable front and rear sway bars, front strut tower brace, deep front spoiler (again similar to the BMW Motorsport example), side mirrors sprayed in paint colour. The set of 3 gauges was also standard equipment on the H35 335i.

Specs: 240 BHP @ 5.500 RPM, 320 NM @ 4.000 RPM. Top speed 240 KMH, acceleration 0-100 KMH 6.4 sec.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Battery Relocation Cabling

this is a E30 325iS cabling that Levent Erhamza sent as relocation cabling

Knukonceptz Kolossus Fleks offers a 4 gauge battery terminal, which is rated up to 150 amps with 2058 strands of wire.

The 1/0 gauge is rated to over 300 amps with 5145 strands of wire.

Two 4 gauge would be 4116 strands of wire, and theoretically rated up to 300 watts then I guess. That's still 1029 less strands of wire, but again for a load of up to 120 amps, I don't see the point in dumping my current blocks, wire, etc, just to go up to single strand 1/0 gauge.

Also, I figured running two 4 gauge would be easier than fitting one 1/0 gauge in some places.

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"wear metals"

over on the forums there was a conversation regarding oil sampling, metallic wear and oil analysis...

seriously, say you have a large investment in a race motor ($50k+-). you wouldn't just wait till it blows up. maybe your running full systhetic oil and want to take advantage of extended drain schedule. analysis would tell you when it's time to dump it or even to just change the fillter.

here are some of the "wear metals" in a car engine that end up in the oil when wear is occuring...

Iron (Fe) Cylinder Liners, Rings, Gears, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Valve Train, Oil Pump Gear

Chrome (Cr) Rings, Liners, Exhaust Valves, Shaft Plating

Aluminum (Al) Pistons, Thrust Bearings, Turbo Bearings, Main Bearings

Nickel (Ni) Valve Plating, Steel Alloy from Crankshaft, Camshaft

Copper (Cu) Lube Coolers, Main and Rod Bearings, Bushings, Turbo Bearings

Lead (Pb) Main and Rod Bearings,

Tin (Sn) Piston Flashing, Bearing Overlay, Bronze Alloy, Babbit Metal

Silver (Ag) Wrist Pin Bushings

oh yeah, and he asked "What is the best way to tell if your engine bearings are going bad?" pending was my word.

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wheel accessories

this is a great source for wheel offsets and widths...

Source -

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interesting paint

1925 Bugatti Type 22 Brescia

You might remember a story from last summer about the recovery of a vintage Bugatti from a lake in Italy. The story was both fascinating and sad, and definitely one worth recounting.

The tale begins, or so we're told, in Paris in 1934 when a Swiss man acquired the car from legendary racecar driver Rene Dreyfus in a game of poker. The man headed home in his new car, but when he arrived at the Swiss border, he was required to pay customs on the car. Not having enough money, the man left the car at Lake Maggiore. By law, the Swiss officials were supposed to destroy the car, and they apparently did so by pushing it into the lake.

A little more than thirty years later, the Bugatti was discovered by a local diving club in the summer of 1967. The car became a local attraction for divers who would plunge more than 170 feet to see the remains at the bottom of the lake. It would seem that the Bugatti would forever remain there until a tragedy changed its fate. A young local man, Damiano Tamagni was brutally beaten and killed, and the diving club decided that they would try and retrieve the car and sell it to benefit the foundation created in his name to combat youth violence. It took more than thirty volunteers and nine months, but the Bugatti was finally lifted from the lake on July 12, 2009.

From there the Bugatti was put up for auction for the highest bidder. At Bonham's Retromobile sale in Paris earlier this year, the Type 22 Brescia brought a top bid of £228,000 – around $350,000 USD – much higher than the pre-auction estimate. The winning bidder? None other than the Mullin Museum in Oxnard, CA. The museum has decided to not restore the Bugatti and display it in its current condition.
The right side of the body is completely gone, but other items like the tires and some of the gauges are perfectly intact

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E21 Diagram

E21 Diagram

Headlight Washer

Headlight Washer for a 2002

M10 Diagram

S14 Engine Parts

S14 Engine Parts


this vendor supplies basic foam used to repair recaro seats with an electric slicer knife

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

M1 E21 fitment steering wheel

this is the BMW M1 steering has course splines...therefore it does fit an e21...similar to the early petri i have on mine...

1947 Saab Prototype