Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Battery Relocation Cabling

this is a E30 325iS cabling that Levent Erhamza sent as relocation cabling

Knukonceptz Kolossus Fleks offers a 4 gauge battery terminal, which is rated up to 150 amps with 2058 strands of wire.

The 1/0 gauge is rated to over 300 amps with 5145 strands of wire.

Two 4 gauge would be 4116 strands of wire, and theoretically rated up to 300 watts then I guess. That's still 1029 less strands of wire, but again for a load of up to 120 amps, I don't see the point in dumping my current blocks, wire, etc, just to go up to single strand 1/0 gauge.

Also, I figured running two 4 gauge would be easier than fitting one 1/0 gauge in some places.