Wednesday, October 12, 2011


the color on this 320/6 is what makes this car attractive in my mind...i love the euro bumpers, but you can keep the dual headlights...

the rear of this car is clean, the euro bumpers, euro sheet metal, and naked trunk deck are exemplary of what this era bmw looks like at its best

The paint, trim and bbs rs wheels are the finishing touch that sets this car apart from the masses of 'daily drivers'...these characteristics are what take this car to 'show' class...


jr z rs front struts

jr z rs

bmw art

These BMW "sculptures" are located at a BMW dealer in a
Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The website listed below as 'source' is a newly found website that i ran across today for the first time...nice site...i love the classic themes featured on the site...i'll be back....many times!

stance of a vw

the stance of this VW is enviable...but...not practical or likely to be pursued by me for the 77...the "re-mixed" euro look includes "streched" tires and lower suspension to the point of massive negative camber as illustrated below...i am leaning towards a euro 320 carburetors,  euro sheet metal rear valence, euro front and rear bumpers...