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Engine conversion S38-B36, 3.6

BMW 1990 Model E30 ///M3 Diamond Shwartz paint code 181/9,
Engine conversion S38-B36, 3.6
Sold from new in California, car with no rust.
Euro Sport Evo Unique Cloth Interior including door panels
Restored from bumper to bumper.
VIN# WBSAK0311LAE33596

This ad is for those who are interest in E30 M3 with engine conversion!
Please read my detailed description if you are serious about this car! If you are not enjoy the pictures. I know it’s too long but your question will be answered inside.
Please be patient until all pictures download
About me: As a big enthusiast of classic BMWs and Mercedes, I own and collect several cars including: E24 M6's, E28 M5's, and two E30 M3's. My projects are all at professional level. I am not a dealer in need to roll cars in order to make money what so ever. The time and money I invest into my projects are absolutely not worth it from the business point of view. It is all about the passion!

About my engine choice: As we all know, the S14 is M88/3 engine is without the 2 cyl. In my engine choice, I decided to use the S38 engine or I was going to stay with the beloved S14. In my opinion, the S38 is the best choice. The first prototype 24valve engine developed by "Engine Kind" Paul Rosche, it was coded M49/1/2/3/4/5. These engines were designed for racing not for street use. They were used to race the E9 batmobile, E26 M1 etc. Later coded M88/1/3, S38-B35, S38-B36, S38-B38. Later on BMW put them into street cars and designed these unique sport character street cars with racing engines E30 M3, E28 M5, E24 M635CSi, E34 M5. The S14, S38 engines will remain in the BMW Motorsport history as the main successor on the BMW world map of racing! Another benefit of the S38 engine is that they have more torque in any rpm range compared to other BMW 6cyl engines such as Euro S50-B32(321hp), S54-B32(333/343hp), US52-B32(240hp), S50-B30(286hp) etc. Also, the S38 has a lot of reserve potential to increase power compared to other bmw S-inline sixes already squeezed to is maximum from the factory.

I absolutely respect the factory S14-B23/B25. It's the ultimate 4 cyl engine of all time! I drove it for few years and I really enjoyed the Factory engineering. As a kid I was inspired from the German performance company "Hartge" H35-24 M88/3, and Alpina, who produced about 6+/- E30 M3's with M88/3 Hartge, and M30-B35 Alpina. I can't imagine how fast those cars were back in the days.
What is the actual weight distribution? The true weight distribution of the real street factory E30 M3 is Front 51.0 and rear 49.0 depending on the car options. It's not exact exactly 50/50. I have measured few E30 M3's at my friends corner balance scale. After my S38 conversion, the weight distribution increased by only 2% at the front. That means 53.x% front and 47.x rear. This is with full interior, spare tire, full liquids, trunk tools, all carpets etc. For instance, my friend who owns a track toy Euro E30 323i with M30-B35 swap with complete strip down chassis and it has the distribution weight of, are you ready…. Sixty~60 % Front and Forty ~40% rear!!! He is absolutely able to keep up at Buttonwillow track with my other friend with E92 M3, and E46 M3 and some other high performance cars with 50/50 weight distribution.
How important is the weight distribution? Well, after the S38 conversion, the weight distribution is not bad at all! If your life is dependent on supporting your family, and your form of making money is racing exactly E30 M3, then I understand that purpose of keeping the S14. But I don't think such a thing exists. I out performed my friend's E30 M3 S14 powered in any circumstance.
Exterior: Diamond Swhartz Metallic BMW (paint code 181/9). The body is completely rust free with no damages. The car has been refinished to its original color using OEM "Glasurit" paint. I have pictures before I started the restoration. The car had the original factory paint! This car includes: all new rubber moldings, evo rear spoiler with adjustable flap, new euro head lights with clear bra protection, new oem yellow turn signals as well new smoked turn lenses. Also includes: all new oem emblems, new fog lights, new clear bra on all lights, and new front wind shield along with a new carbon fiber light weight hood. Xenon lights with day light bulbs operating as euro cars with combination of all lights available at one time! (not available for US market). Sport Evo aero dynamic seal on hood, rear bumper, front bumper and fenders. The car has been always garaged or if outside covered!
Interior: is with new original Sport Evo unique cloth interior, new m-techink emblems, new leather on steering wheel, shifter boot, and hand brake boot all include Tri-Color ///M stitching. New heater core, all new interior bulbs, cluster has been customized to match the accurate rpm's including new rpm graphic. The original S14 has never showed accurate rpm even with a changed chip. The trip miles are set from 0 after the completion of the S38 rebuild from the very first time I started the engine. The oil life green lights are in working order, "Check control" computer is clean with no warning lights, New ///M leather illuminated shift knob, new central electric lock module. Speakers work perfectly. Heater is in mint condition. AC is there and I can install the compressor and charge the system if desired and it will work perfectly, but from the performance point, I kept it out. Everything is working in the car with no exceptions. Euro front grill. New BMW glove box flash light. Extra power inside the glove box for anti radar or other electronic dividers. New heater valve. OBC computer is matched to show the correct MPG and the fuel to empty. That was very hard to match! Now it's like a factory car. Original E30 M3 Manuals included.
Drive train: is the legendary S38-B36 from E34 M5 Note ( for those who do not know, this is the second generation S38 found in E34 M5,the engine is NOT like on US E28 M5, E24 M6). The engine has been completely rebuilt with all new hard were, it is board to actual 3.6l. Note (originally is 3.5 ) The engine has 3.8 cam gears. I set them advancing the intake cam shaft and retarding the exhaust in order for better cylinder filling. The head is port and polished with matching headers and Intake trumpets horns. All new guides, valve seals, valve adjustment, new JE pistons with raised compression from 10.1 to 10.5. New bearings set, timing chain, guides, new factory timing chain tenssioner. Also I have the brand new S50 upgrade if needed but I like the factory better. This car also includes: new modified custom fan blade, new Beru ignition wires and cap@rotor. The intake filter was custom installed under the front bumper in order to breathe cold air (very similar like dinan e39 M5 cold air intake). Upgrade E32 740 brake booster , ABS unit has been relocated under the brake booster in order to open spaces for the intake. Custom engine brackets with using e36 m3 engine mounts. Upgraded cooling system from S38-B35 in order to save weight and advantage of using different thermostats. S38-B35 radiator, low temp auxiliary switch, Custom E24 windshield tank with filter , custom hose and wiring all work as factory. All new water hoses. Custom radiator support works in order to fit the water radiator and to look like factory set up, custom air shroud, and custom cold air intake is located behind the drivers' side fog light/bumper. Original diagnostic plug in working order. Car is dynoed with the TMS chip at 283rwhp and 260rwptorque that comes to 333hp at the engine. With the stock chip it pulls around 275rwhp. After the dyno, I installed a stronger fuel pump and it immediately felt much better after ! So there is few rwhp gain.
What transmission I chose? My choice is well known and bullet proof throughout years of the gearbox model: Getrag 260 model with 1st 3.83 ratio and 2nd 2.40ratio. They are shorter gear ratios for faster acceleration compared to M5 280 Getrag 1st 3.51ratio, 2nd 2.20ratio the rest 3rd 4th 5th are the same ratios. The tranny shift nice and tight. Gears do not grind, red line oil. New seal, no oil leaks. Very healthy tranny. New Sachs original clutch, single mass11 pounds fly wheel. I have 2 choices of differential current on the car: 3.73lsd and also cruising 2.93lsd if desired. Suspension is adjustable ground control, spring rate is 600 pounds front and 750 pounds rear with sport bilsteins. Stock brakes work very well for street fun.
Wheels: : BBS LM "style reps" Front 8J 225/35/18 rear is 9J 255/30/18. With these BBS wheels/tires, the car shows accurate cluster speed mph matched the Factory tire diameter! The car has been dynoed at "speedometer shop".
What kind of exhaust? Definitely one of my favorite parts! The exhaust is custom made by Hand made Dual 2.5 inch starting from the headers made from U bends in order to keep the same diameter all the way to the magnaflow muffler 2.5 dual inlet and dual outlet with dual 3inch tips. Ceramic/metal cats! Note(I hate driving without cats polluting the air we breathe! For 5hp gain NO tanks I will keep them on the car). The car passes smog with flying numbers. I tested it already at a smog station. No resonators to save some weight. The engine flows amazingly. Yes, it's a little too loud according to my wife and all my neighbors ☺ but I love it. The sound from the S38 is very good with a deep sound similar to small v8 engines.
After I completed the project. After I finished the project I drove about 3000-4000k brake in miles with 1k-5k rpm range with few oil changes between. I was very careful to brake in the engine properly. There were no problems, no overheating, and no oil leaks! Nothing! It proves that everything is reliable and holds as a factory car! I have covered so far total of miles with absolutely no problems!
Let's find out how fast the car is? Well, the car is definitely not as fast as C6 Z06 ! or anything like that. Let's be real. In BMW world the car is fast! I did surprise lots of E46 M3's, E39 M5, E39 540ietc. Also, I have a friend who has EVO IX dynoed at 350rwp at all 4 wheels and we did rolling start form 40mph all the way to 150mph and the cars were dead even. I was actually surprised and pleased from my natural aspirated S38 engine AND my rear wing was open! I forgot to close it and that was a big minus for me! We all know how much drag the wing produces at high speed in order to keep down force. So, if the flapper was closed it would be significantly faster.

In general, the car is super fun and fast to drive and makes you smile. I made these few tests with my friend's cars just to see the final result out of E30 M3 with S38-B36 swap. This E30 M3 has never been tracked or abused. It's too nice to take to the track. For fun, I am building an E24 M6 turbo monster for a track toy so I can abuse it without worrying about damages, rock chips, etc.
About this S38-B36 project: As you can see from the pictures my goal was to make it as close as possible to the factory look. This project took approximately 2 years to complete. The car as you can see in the pictures is 100% done. Including complete restoration paint, engine custom work modifications, Interior etc. I spent more than 500 documented hours on this project! I got tired counting and dumped the book I used to record the hours. Not to mention counting the hours was worthless. To complete this precise job, time should not count! The quality of this car will show that this was NOT a 2 weekend S52 fast swap.
Why I am selling this beautiful car? I have my dream Euro engine coded S38-B38 I nick named it “The Ultimate S38 engine” and it will go into my second E30 M3 Diamond Shwartz and I will keep that car for life. According to BMW Motorsport factory “S38-B38 is the most powerful 6cyl engine BMW has ever produced ! It is originally 3.8 euro 340hp with 295torque as much as S65-B40”. I have a second car and this will be my garage toy for life. So I have another hobby project to keep me busy ☺.
What is the asking price? The car itself, engine S38, euro Evo cloth interior, with complete body restoration, custom work, tons of parts, and including the fact that I spent so much time (+500hours) and money on this project, the investments exceed more than +45k $. I am offering this car for the low price of $29,785. Offers are accepted near/by the asking price. If you think my price is actually as much as a very clean E46 M3 with super low miles, it is true, BUT, my opinion is that this E30 M3 is a lot more rare, unique and fun to drive compared to some regular E46 M3 seen on every corner and stop light. Not to mention it will hold its value and increase in value. This car is a turn key, fill 91 gas and enjoy. You will not be disappointed from my car!
Title is California and in my possession. It is a clear title, NOT salvage, no accidents. CarFax does not show correct miles from the 90's. Chassis has around 168k miles. All fresh S38-B36 has 14.768 miles.
Here is a list of parts I have changed with part number. As you can see from the pictures my goal was to make it as close as possible to the factory look. This project took approximately 2 years to complete. The car as you can see in the pictures is 100% done. Including complete restoration paint, engine custom work modifications, Interior etc. I spent more than 500 documented hours on this project! I got tired counting and dumped the book I used to record the hours. Not to mention counting the hours was worthless. To complete this precise job, time should not count! The quality of this car will show that this was NOT a 2 weekend S52 fast swap.
My contact information is 323.702.XXXX


e21 Wheels

Left to right:

Exim 13x6
BBS 13x5.5
Gotti 15x6 et30ish
Weds Bavaria 15x6.5 (5)
BBS Mahle 15x7 et13
BBS Mahle 15x7, 15x6 et13
Weds Bavaria 15x7, 15x6.5