Friday, December 2, 2011

Carburetor: Carb Sync Airflow Meter

The Snail - Carb Sync/Airflow Meter Tool
For your Dual Carb Adjustment!
from Latest Rage 
This Synchrometer flow meter from Latest Rage is designed for synchronizing multiple carb systems.  It comes complete with a long nose cone for ram pipes.  The nose cone will fit throat sizes from approximately 40mm - 55mm.

How do you use this carb sync? 

First: place the sync over the throat of the right hand carburetor until the float rises to a graduation mark.  This is your reference point.

Second:  place the sync on the left hand carburetor.  Rotate the throttle adjusting screw on the left carburetor until the float rises to the same reference point as previously found on the right.

Third: place the sync over each carburetor throat in turn and recheck, noting the float level, and trim the throttle adjusting screws until the float rises to the same level for both carbs. When the level is the same on both sides, you are in sync!!! If idle speed has increased, simply back off on both throttle screws an equal amount.

- or-

...the same type of devise to measure graduation of carburetor throat pressure but different...this looks like an older version...this was made/advertised for classic VW owners as a must have for those running multiple carbs...

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