Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Suspension: Tie Rod Ends

epmedia  replies to a discussion about front suspension/alignment failure of a member's local alignment shop...apparently, trying to rip him off...

"It's really easy to test the tie rod joints (two each side, inner and outer).
Steer the wheel to the left abot 90%.
Raise the right front wheel off the ground.
Grab the tire at 3 and 9 o-clock.
Wiggle the wheel, feel and watch for looseness at the inner and outer tie rod joints (the inner joint is inside the bellow boot).
- Repeat on the left side with the wheel steered to the right about 90%.

The rack bushing test requires two people.
However, if the rack bushings are saturated with oil, they need to be replaced (unless they are urethane).
With all 4 wheels on the ground, Unlock the steering, have helper turn the steering wheel back and forth about 1/4 turn.
Observe for any movement of the rack. If you can see the rack move inside the mount (clamsheels), the rack bushings need replaced."

JDB continues the discussion: (Jeff BMW Tech)

"The guide bushings..
These have 2 "O" rings on of 4.. that center them in the rack.
Part # 32 11 1 116 911

When worn they show as up and down play in the rack. They are avalible and pretty simple to install. Should be replaced with tie rod assembly for sure."