Friday, April 22, 2011

output shaft

What you'll need:
CV Joint Boot Kit(s)
Roll of paper towels
Box of latex gloves
2x flathead screwdrivers, 1 small, 1 large.
Snap-ring pliers
Large Nut
Large Bolt
Throttle body cleaner or some form of degreaser
High temp gasket goo i.e. Curil or Permatex Red.

Bavauto Boot Kit
One boot, two hose clamps, a C-clip and a 3 Oz. packet of "Schmierfett für Gleichlaufgelenke"

Dust Cap removal:
I held the body of the CV joint in the vice with the cap free below.
With the Axle supported against my shoulder I firmly-yet-gently tapped down on the cap working evenly around it's circumference.
Be careful to NOT place any undue stress on the joint itself!

What they don't tell you in the Blue Book: Only work on one end at a time. Don't remove the 2nd dust cap until you've finished the boot on the 1st end or else you will quickly have old CV grease EVERYWHERE.

There's a C-clip where?

Blue Book says to seal sealing cover with Curil but there was no trace of it on disassembly?

C-clip is gone but that sleeve would't just slide off the shaft. This is where the large nut or bolt comes in. (See nut in front.)

Stand the end of the shaft on the nut or bolt and gently tap down on the inner sleeve to slide it from the shaft. DO NOT attempt to remove joint by placing a puller or exerting other force on the outside of the joint as this will pull the joint apart and destroy it. (Can you see the condition of the upper boot? Looks like old elephant skin.)

Free at last. Free at last.

Repacking: I cut a small tip of the grease pack, stuck it down into the bearings and squeezed. This forced out the old grease with the new.

What was left, I glopped onto the end of the shaft.

Assembly: (no pics as I was pretty much up to my elbows in grease)
Slide the small C-clamp onto the shaft then the small end of the boot.
Slide the CV joint down onto the splined end of the shaft and tap down if necessary.
Install the C-clip on the end of the shaft.

Getting the large end of the boot over the collar of the CV joint:
The new boot is stiffer and smaller than the old and now pretty much everything is covered in grease.
To get it on I slipped the back of the boot over the collar, grabbed the front lip with a wide pair of pliers and firmly-yet-gently pulled the boot up over the collar.

I then cleaned the inside of the dust cap and the outer edge of the CV joint with Throttle body cleaner and applied a thin film of Permatex Red.

I slipped the dust cover on, dropped three bolts in the holes to maintain alignment and then with the body of the CV joint resting on the edge of the bench to avoid stressing the joint, tapped the cover into place.