Thursday, September 8, 2011

euro front bumpers

re-fresh of a hartge theme...a wheel evolution...

these are the 5 lug, 16" version of the hartge wheels
this wheel is the 14" version of the hartge wheel, notice the et25 which would require spacers

these wheels are a retro-refresh on the hartge theme....nice, clean look...a worthy consideration...


Another variation of the Hartge theme


this car is the sex!

euro rear valances...

over at there are some pretty sweet wheels...i saw this 318 and fell in love...the rear euro apron and bumper change the entire look of the car...not to mention the removal of the black plastic between the tail lights...nice car!


the squared exhaust on the late model 3 series...nuce touch...

Notice the dual exhaust on this 323i...the car was only sold in europe, featuring a 2.3L 6-cyl engine with a dual exhaust...nice car!

 this exhaust is sick...and those fat rear tires don't hurt this profile...nice!

i love the color of this red...

another early '77

Phoenix Orange (VW Color)

an ad For Sale...early e21...'77-'78?

Different/later car...similar color....

mono wiper?....

i have been considering a mono wiper for the e21...several thoughts have arisen...first, like with most extensive should this mod be...meaning do i want to invest in a new custom made wiper cover...that has the second wiper motor hole deleted...or should i plug the other wiper hole?...this would obviously involve painting the new visible sheet metal that is right below the windshield...or...remove the old wiper mechanism and buy something like the kit wipers are extremely slow so one way or another i need to do something...

Motorsport Single Blade Windshield Wiper System
For BMW e30 (318 325 M3)
Adjustable blade parking: park blade on either the right side or center of windshield

This system utilizes your stock e30 wiper motor (not included in this kit)
Kit also includes 24" wiper blade, and plug for unused wiper pivot
Click here for swipe path photo

Price: $320.00