Sunday, October 28, 2012


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NOS original looped wool pile doesn't exist anywhere.

(except in my loft)
I just got looped carpet in Charcoal Grey (sort of salt and pepper) from

 Quality Fabrics & Supply
(805) 385-3222
648 Pacific Ave
Oxnard, CA 93030

Tell Art your friend "Jose" with the old unpainted BMW, i.e. yours truly (as it's the name on my cc) who just bought carpet referred you. They special ordered it for me from one of their suppliers and got it the next day. I gave a 50% deposit. Total was about $140 picked-up for 4 yards of Carpet 600's 40"-wide "Loop" Charcoal Grey.

Not the first time I've purchased from them. They are the local distributor for almost all of the upholstery shops in the Ventura County. They have all sorts of vinyl, carpet, foam, tools, etc. They might be able to get it dropped shipped to you directly.

Let me know if you want a picture of what I just got. Note that it was not molded or anything. Just a rolled-up carpet. It will require some work. Art said it was meant for VWs.

BMW E21 55 MPH Shimmy

guys iver in the were discussing front suspension shimmy...TomD suggested the following...

if I was chasing a shimmy I would go in this order:
  • check steering rack bushings - replace if necessary
  •  sway bar to control arm bushings(Bflan2001 Suggested)
  • check tie rod ends - replace if necessary
  • rebalance tires
  • check condition of tires - replace if necessary
  • check front shocks - replace if necessary
  • after doing all of the above if shimmy still present then
  • replace tires
  • rebuild rack