Monday, March 26, 2012

from exterior to interior paint prep

the following pictures are of the current status of the restoration as the mechanicals are now rolling...the interior is in need of attention after paint...block sanded, imperfections marked with sharpie, welding euro sheetmetal, fillers/feathering...body/primer prep'ed...

a look into the past...last month i rebuilt the rear disc brakes from the 323i trailing arms, the small green case contains the tap for the brake bleeders...i clean each one...

this is the stock emergency you can see it was 'repaired'...i have an idea...this picture is of the newly installed 323i emergency brake cables...

 compare the differences between the M3 S14 starter compared to the early M10 starter

the 'repair'

...California plate now expired...fresh baja dust...

new output shafts installed, with fresh seals and gaskets on the untrimmed differential cover...notice  the pan, the differential has an 11mm drain plug that wasn't began leaking...

BMW Paint/Color

BMW 020
Rez.-Nr. 3117
Rez.-Nr. 3117 (D)


(Bright Red)
BMW 024
Rez.-Nr. 301

Source -

Brilliantrot [Orange Tint is to strong]

Models 1980- on (facelift Sept. 1979) see below
Standard paintwork
Colour no. Name Description
012 Sierrabeige Beige
016 Iberischrot Bright red
028 Phönix Orange-red
070 Golf Bright yellow
085 Chamonix Cream white
086 Schwarz Black
140 Biskayablau Medium blue
141 Zederngrun Medium green
142 Sepiabraun Dark brown
Metallic paintwork (clearcoat)
013 Topasbraun-metallic Medium brown / copper
018 Rubinrot-metallic Medium red
037 Fjord-metallic Light blue
045 Arktisblau-metallic Dark blue
055 Antrazitgrau-metallic Dark grey
060 Polaris-metallic Grey / silver
064 Turmalingrun-metallic Medium green
075 Resedagrun-metallic Light green
143 Kaschmir-metallic Gold

Upholstery colours – available in cloth and leatherette
Cloth Leatherette Name & description
0075 0005 Schwarz – black
0076 0006 Marineblau – blue
0077 0007 Nylonbraun – beige
0078 0008 Hellgrau – grey
0079 0048 Farngrun – green

MX5 True Red
016 iberischrot