Thursday, January 5, 2012

1980 to 1983 320i Exhaust System
All new bolt in performance exhaust system;
includes new down pipe, second pipe, cat eliminator tube, cat back third pipe, around the half shaft fourth pipe, Dynaomax Pt# 17741 Super Turbo Muffler and tail pipe.

Price is $620.00 plus shipping, 2 1/4" high flow cat is $75.00 extra when purchased with system. Magnaflow Pt# 94005 CA Cat. is available for $93.00 separately plus shipping.
All the pipes are Mandrel bent 2 1/4" Aluminized tubing matching the stock pieces for fit and location, Except Primary tubes of down pipes are 1 5/8" Stainless steel tubing.

Complete system fit together with cat eliminator tube in place.
Kit comes with hanger, Clamps and Manifold gasket.
Muffler is 18" long and 6" in Diameter which means it fits into the stock Muffler hanger. Muffler gives a nice low tune and with tail pipe on is reasonably quiet inside the car. The two Stainless steel band clamps are for the cat, so you can remove it and put in the cat eliminator pipe at the track.
Kit is made up of 7 major components from the down pipes with laser cut 3/8" steel flange going into 1 5/8" primary tubes nicely "Y" cut and welded into 2 1/4" aluminized collector. The rest of the system is 2 1/4" aluminized tubing to the tail pipe. Pieces are sized for easy fit to their matching pieces, can be installed at home in the garage with car on jack stands.
Cat is a Magnaflow Universal High Flow PT# 94005 CA

Completely welded seams with laser cut 3/8" flange. Down pipes are acetone washed and painted with 1500 degree aluminum color header paint to protect the welds and flange from rusting.

Second pipe matches stock pieces and has welded on mount to match the stock mount at back of tranny.
Cat eliminator tube for track days, it is the same length as our Magnaflow 2 1/4" high flow two stage cat.
Third pipe runs from cat back between gas tanks and over the drive shaft just like the stock piece.
Fourth piece like the stock piece goes under the half shaft and up to the muffler, which mounts in the stock wrap around hanger.
Tail pipe gets the exhaust gases out the back of the car in the stock body half moon recess.

We will get more pictures of the system installed up soon, along with install instructions. 


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