Saturday, March 31, 2012

1987 BMW 3-Series 325i with an M3 Body Kit

1987 BMW 3-Series 325i with an M3 Body Kit

so its not an actual m3 it is a 325i with an m3 body kit including fenders bumpers side skirts and spoiler

So far i have spent almost $14,000 in the donor car, parts, restoration, paint, bodywork and labor... 

Sadly right now i don't have the time to put into it to finish it out, so my loss is your gain.

the pros...

i have done the following work on it : 

1.- M3 replica body kit including fenders bumpers and side skirts
2.- hennarot red paint an d installation of the bodywork.
3.- installation of a great running original 325 engine with 60,000 miles  
4.- new radiator installed.
5.- new tires and refinished rims with new center caps.
6.- new suede racing bucket seats black with red stitching (still in boxes not installed.
7.-new shift lever and boot.
8.-new gel racing battery.

so as you can see its the most expensive things i have done...

what it needs... the cons...

Installation of the racing seats, 
the dashboard has cracks,
need new exhaust i was thinking racing headers all the way but could work with just the tip.
suspension upgrade all the way it still has all the original suspension, it is in good working order but deserves better.
needs wheel spacers or if you have the budget it could use new 17 inch staggered wheels.
brake upgrades, it does brake alright but again its not that i had in mind
it definitely needs a sound system it does not have anything not even a radio in the dash and looks tragic.
i am running a no reserve auction cause i need to sell it really fast so please ask questions before bidding, i could send more pictures at your request, 


answering too much emails...

the most common:

1.- the car runs great and yes you can drive it home as well as test drive it before the auction ends.
2.- the car does not blow cold a/c and i don't know what it needs but the heat is fine.
3.- i have uploaded pictures with the seats however they are just over the screws, it would need bigger holes or different screws or professional adaptation.
4.- the car will be delivered with the original seats which are in good condition with no big damage along with the brand new racing seats as well.
5.-the car will be delivered with current tx stickers.
6.- i will be delivering with the car a box with lots of extra parts like a new gas pump and lots of interior pieces.
7.- tires are new all around
8.- it needs front turn signal lights and fog lights.


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i have several sets of 635i/e24 rear seats that i am planning on installing in my 320i..they are a great match for the traditional recaro fronts...but...the colors are wrong...the seats are gray one of the console is brown...i tried a leather dye just on a fluke...i like how the gray/black cleaned/restored the leather...