Sunday, March 20, 2011

This is the 'unrestored' rear sub frame of my e21...notice that the camber & toe adjusters have been welded on, the subframe has not been sandblasted or repainted
This is the freshly painted 323i trailing arm replacing the original 320i trailing arm.

NOTE: The only reason to use the 323i trailing arms is for rear disc brakes!!!

the underside of the original subframe, after sandblasted, primed, and painted.

I bought a 3 point cylinder hone at harbor freight and honed the inside of all cylinders for urethane bushings, and bearings, and races.

the urethane bushings fitted into the 323i trailing arms and bolted into the channels on the subframe.

expanded view of the urethane bushings, pressed into the trailing arms, and bolted into place, fitted into the channels on the subframe.

it was getting late on a sunday night...sorry for the poor quality pictures...