Monday, July 13, 2009

the ad that started it all . . .

A friend of mine was moving abroad and had this California car in storage for two years. When I went to pick it up the first thing I noticed was the original paint on about half of the car and the amazing condition the car was in for it's year. There was no oil on the ground, the tires were fully inflated, no cracks in the dash, no signs of rust, good seals, good glass, good trim. I was very impressed with how original and unmolested this car was.

Once the flat bed brought it back to my place I got it ready to be fired up. When pulling a car out of storage you must do a few things before the initial startup to ensure that you don't damage anything. I drained the transmission, engine, radiator and gas tank and refilled them all with fresh fluids/filters, and then I installed a new battery. The car fired right up, and I immediately took it for a spin. Drove great, needed nothing. I then also changed the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and ignition rotor, a few gas lines and now I'm also running a bottle of techron through the fuel system to clean out any possible gunk in the injectors. The belts and hoses are in very good condition, I checked the front brakes and the pads have another 6k miles on them, the odometer is working properly, braking, signal, headlights and tail lights all work properly. The car also runs very cool. Even in the worst traffic on the hottest days the engine temp doesn't seem to creep past 160 degrees.

The car starts strong, shifts perfectly, all the lights and guages work, the radio and speakers work great, no leaks, good heating, good fan, good horn, good sunroof, good locks and windows, good clutch, good ebrake, good seats, good suspension, good tires (Pirelli w/ about 80%). Comes with a one inch stack of service records, four or five keys, clean CA title, registration renewed through June 2010, a smog certificate, spare tire and changing tools, and even the original tool kit as photographed below. After the car is paid for, I will flush the crankcase and change the oil and filter once again to remove any remaining sludge and have this motor super clean on the inside.

This would make a great car for someone on a budget looking for a driver, but can't see themselves in a Ford Focus. This would also make a great car for a BMW enthusiast looking to restore an all original specimen. I usually work with cars in the $30k price range so I don't know what buyers expect for $2k. I think this represents an excellent value. Please email freely and I will answer your questions as best I can, and if they are good ones, I will post them to the listing.

The car is available for visual inspection at any time. Test drives will require that you show up with all of the funds in hand. (310)770-XXXX Adam.

UPDATE 7.13.09: the car will not be relisted after this. the price has been reduced to $1,000.00 and my girlfriend has taken a shine to it and i will be giving it to her if it doesn't sell in the next two days. i am posting to let my buyers know that i am willing to offer a discount on upholstery work. as a favor to me, my upholsterer has offered to restuff the front seats so they are nice and firm, reupholster the passenger seat to take care of that tear, and reupholster the back seat where it is torn. please inquire if you have any questions.