Thursday, October 13, 2011

1949 Spohn-bodied Veritas BMW Cabriolet

Lee Hartung's Museum/Estate will have an auction by Auctions America by RM on Nov. 3-5, 2011 in Glenview, IL. Lee was a legendary collector and the collection has rare automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, police badges, toys, clocks...anything you can imagine to collect will be there!

This 1949 Spohn-bodied Veritas BMW cabriolet is not my favorite BMW...and this blog isn't titled "all things BMW" but automotive design has become so homogenized...its refreshing to see "new" ideas even when the ideas are old ones...this car echo's a 1937 Cord to me...just sayin'

This wild looking 1949 Spohn-bodied Veritas BMW cabriolet will be auctioned next month as part of the sell-off of Lee Roy Hartung estate collection in Chicago. The guy had some amazing stuff, including wild license plate collection. Instead of just one or two blurry Craigslist photos, the items are being auctioned off individually with really great photos of each item. This crazy machine is one of the stand-outs, and should bring a pretty penny when sold. 

The rear fins and center rear circle in the bumper are Spohn signatures, and bravo to BaT commenters below who also pegged it as a dead-ringer for the Buick LeSabre show car.

The triple-carb 6-cylinder engine in the Hartung car is similar to that of the BMW 327 cars of the same era.

rear ground control

dual rear brake light upgrade

clean european flair

e30 interior headliner/sunvisors upgrade possibilities

notice the Installed e28 chrome window crank handle

Theres a few problems i encountered though... The carboard backing on the side that tucks under the weatherstripping needs to be trimmed like a full inch. The sunvisors are just short enough to miss a stock 8" mirror, however my 9 1/2" e30 mirror touches it when i fold them down. And also the sunvisor mounting tabs can only be screwed into one of the stock screw holes.

the photos above are a retro-fit of an early e30 sunvisors and headline panel installed in an e21, along with a e30/e12 rear view mirror with map lights wired to the dome light this e30 header has the electronic display which is NOT preferred