Wednesday, January 4, 2012

engine - korman rebuilt m10 products options/versions

Korman Stage 1 Rebuild-CIS M10 2.0 Liter 1977-1979
The early (77-79) 320i engine responds dramatically to Stage 1 tuning, with up to 135 HP from 110 HP stock. We also include our performance distributor to replace the original.
P/N 110B2110

Korman Stage 1 Rebuild-CIS M10 1.8 Liter 1980-1983 320i
The 80> 320i models come with a 1.8 liter engine. Our Stage 1 performance rebuild on these models includes a 2.0 liter conversions. Special fuel injection tuning is required and included. We reuse the original electronic ignition system but include a special Korman-Stahl header. Torque gains are substantial, and combined with the 3.91 gearing of the 1.8 liter cars provides that acceleration "punch" lacking in the original.
P/N 110B2180

Korman Stage 2 2.0 liter engines
150 HP, revs to 7000 RPM. Dual Weber 40 DCOE's, Korman intake manifold, Stage 2 porting and polishing, high compression pistons, lightened rods, Korman K300 cam, dual valve springs, chrome alloy retainers, Korman rocker arms, mechanical advance distributor, Korman-Stahl headers. Also available with Schrick 292 cam, (160 HP), or Weber 32/36 carb (140 HP).
Call with your specific application for pricing.

Korman Stage 2 2.0 liter Competition Engine
Our hot autocross/rally engine. Many BMW enthusiasts use this engine for regular street driving since it is surprisingly tractable and well behaved in city traffic. But it is a light competition engine and built for power. Don't expect 150,000 miles at 7500RPM, but it is designed to operate at that engine speed. This 170 HP engine includes the Schrick 316 cam, two twin 45 DCOE Webers, lightweight connecting rods, high compression pistons, titanium valve spring retainers, racing headers, etc. Blueprinted to competition specifications.
P/N 11002330

Stage 3 2.2 liter Competition Engines
This engine utilizes a special knife edged crankshaft, lightweight connecting rods, custom pistons, Schrick 316 cam, dual Weber 45 DCOE's, etc. Produces 200 horsepower in this configuration (others available). Don't forget bigger brakes! Call for pricing. 

6 Cylinder (M20) Engines 2.0, 2.3 Liters for 320/6 and 323i
From stock to full race, we can provide a strong small six engine for your E21 built to your specifications. Call for pricing. 

For the builders:

Vehicle Trim

The rain gutters come off quite easily, tho with it being tweaked that may complicate things a bit. Over the rear window there is a clip with a retaining screw underneath. The thing also has a spot of caulk that resists a little. Take it off and you will quickly see how to massage it off. They can be bought from Maximillian Imports. When you are putting it back on start at the front so that it lines up with the lower window strip nicely. If you start at the back/top you can easily come up long or short. Refer to the positioning of the other side. It's aluminum.