Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stock 2.3 owners rejoyce! Power for the masses without a rebuild.

If your are looking to get the most out of your E30 M3 or S14 swapped car - then you may already know that for the past 25 years, this was always a very complex and costly exercise. There has never been upgrade package that satisfied the demand for more power and performance using a stock engine and ECU that did not seriously compromise the functionality of the car.

VAC motorsports have been involved with BMWs since before the E30 M3 was new. For 20+ years we have continued to support these cars with the latest and greatest technology and performance advances. We know exactly what it takes to get world class results from the S14 because we do it every day for customers around the world.

Engine Management

The heart of Stage 3 is the Miller Performance WAR / MAF conversion. With a custom 4" MAF sensor, and dyno-tuning capability of the factory ECU, performance potential is unlocked. There is no "Alpha/N" piggyback system to add complexity or compromise drivability.
The Gen III MAF system comes in one size specifically tuned for the S14. This low restriction MAF will accommodate the higher flow of air for the camshafts included in this kit, and can grow to accommodate upgrades like stroker engines or turbos! Being 4"- the Air box requires minor modification. This is explained in detail in our great instruction manual included in the conversion. The M3 MAF is a nice upgrade for the hungry 4 cylinder.

CamshaftsThe popular 284/276 Schrick Camshafts are part of this kit, and your software comes pre-tuned to match them

To keep up with the improved performance, VAC Adjustable Cam Gears, VAC Performance Valve Springs, and higher output BMW Evo Fuel Injectors are included to match to this kit, allowing these parts to function as a staged upgrade package and work on the factory ECU, in a standard 2.3 engine.

Power + Drivability + Reliability
Nothing is better than a no compromise upgrade. The 284/276 is popular for its good mix of performance and street usability. This set, when properly installed by your technician and using our included WAR / MAF conversion with tune allows the ECU to monitor how much air is entering the engine. The high output VAC Injectors match the needed Airflow.
Your S14 can pickup dyno-verified (Mustang MD500)  30+ Wheel Horsepower and similar gains in Torque!... While still being useable on a regular basis.
Stage 3 Kit includes
  • Miller WAR Chip
  • Miller MAF Conversion
  • BMW S14 Evo Injectors
  • VAC Software
  • Schrick Camshafts (284/276)
  • VAC S14 Cam Gears
  • Silicone Airbox-to-Snorkel Hose
  • VAC S14 Valve Spring Kit

**Please note: professional grade installation is a must with this kit. We also recommend new spark plugs and a tune up, along with valve adjustment before installing this kit.**
**Currently our Dyno Software is for 93 Octane. Please have this kit dyno tuned if you are using 91 or lower octane**