Monday, October 10, 2011


Interesting Overflow Tank from


I really like this paint scheme...this is classy, yet a little angry...nice paint!

Battery Relocation Cabling

This is the typical relocated battery box...obviously, i still need to decide on the length and size of the cabling needed to relocate the battery to the rear of the car...

...more wheels

Mini Wheels Diagram

Hartge 17" split rim staggered 4 x 100

 above are a set of original porsche phone dials...circa. late 1980's....below are a refreshed version produced by BMW/Mini


These will fit on an E21 but you need to fit 30mm spacers to make them work. These are Mini R81 7-hole (aka Imola) ET45 they are 12.0lb (5.45kg). They have some mild curb rash that could be worked out with some 200 grit and some hand sanding.

This is the lightest wheel BMW makes (has made for them, they are Italian). They are strong, they are light.

one of the cleaner e21's on the web (320/6) with 17" wheels

...once upon a time, in a village far, far away there was...

...the good...

...the bad...

...the ugly...(horrible in fact!)

323i SteelWheel

Fits '01 - '03 525i, 530i, and 540i.  OEM, 16 x 7, 5 lug, 120mm. 15 spoke design with rounded outer edge.  Hollander interchange #59349. This wheel is in very nice condition with one little scuff on one spoke - not even noticeable in the picture.


bmw racing

ALPINA Rear Trunk Spoiler

This is an ALPINA Rear Trunk Spoiler for BMW E21 models.  It would have originally come on either an  Alpina C1 2.3 or B6 2.