Sunday, October 28, 2012

BMW E21 55 MPH Shimmy

guys iver in the were discussing front suspension shimmy...TomD suggested the following...

if I was chasing a shimmy I would go in this order:
  • check steering rack bushings - replace if necessary
  •  sway bar to control arm bushings(Bflan2001 Suggested)
  • check tie rod ends - replace if necessary
  • rebalance tires
  • check condition of tires - replace if necessary
  • check front shocks - replace if necessary
  • after doing all of the above if shimmy still present then
  • replace tires
  • rebuild rack

1 comment:

  1. Hi men)Long time did not come here with you. I have been an accident with my car but now everything is in order.
    I have a shimmy effect on the mine R15 J7 - 205/50 Fondmetal - ~90 km\h = 60 mp\h.