Saturday, December 1, 2012

how to fix sagging sunroof handle

how to fix sagging sunroof handle

so i own 2 bmws with crank sunroofs and my e30 had this same i figured i do a little easy how to on fixing the very common sagging sunroof crank handle ....basically what happens over time is the metal eventually gets pushed away and wont hold the handle in place anymore very easy to fix:

if you can see in this pic there is a small round divot in the side of this metal this is what holds the handle up

there is a round ball that slides into each divot and holds the handle up snug

all you need to do is take the 2 ends of the metal and either take a pair of pliers or put it in a vice and push it back together and your handle will hold nice and snug again!!

push ---> <--- br="br" push="push">

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