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Build Books

Kimini: How to design and build a mid-engine sports car - from scratch by Kurt Bilinski (Author)

A very good book to shows the way of scratch-building without hand-guiding through every single step. Lots of subjective info about different ways to do things, and mistakes made along the way. A good general info book. (Thanks to THAWA)

How to Build a Cheap Sports Car (Motorbooks Workshop) by Keith Tanner (Author)

Another good book that shows step by step how to build a CMC kit, and for that matter pretty much any Lotus 7 replica. Doesn't give highly detailed specifics about every little detail, but most books don't. (Thanks to THAWA)

Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as £250 and Race It!, 2nd Ed.
by Ron Champion (Author)

The quintessential Locost book. You can't call yourself a locost builder without this one. Lots of info about building a cheap Lotus 7 replica. Gives dimensions, plans, and other necessary info to scratch-build a locost, though not 100% accurate. (Thanks to THAWA)

Build your own Sports Car: On A Budget by Chris Gibbs (Author)

Essentially the same book as Uncle Ron's. Adds more accurate dimensions, better pictures, and even goes through building jigs for arms and uprights. If you're going for efficiency go for this book. If you want to hear Uncle Ron tell you how to do it, get the 2nd edition. (Thanks to THAWA)

How to Build and Modify Sportscar and Kitcar (Speedpro) by Des Hammill (Author)

How to Build Your Own Tiger Avon Sports Car for Road or Track (Speedpro) by Jim Dudley (Author)

Your Kit Car Assembly Manual by Gary Brizendine (Author)

Race and Rally Car Sourcebook: The Guide to Building and Modifying a Competition Car by Allan Staniforth (Author)

A very good source book to supplement Champions book. Especially if not using the exact same donor and frame. It helps with brakes, tires, suspension (including the string computer), aerodynamics and pretty much the whole rest of the car. Helping with not only the how, but the why.

Chassis and Suspension

Competition Car Suspension: Design, Construction, Tuning by Allen Staniforth (Author)

Book gives a solid foundation on which to design a functional suspension. Very good book, though brush up on your math before reading. Side note, virtually identical to Competition Car Suspension: A practical handbook by Allan Staniforth (Author). The practical handbook version is a bit smaller, but in color with newer updated photo's and some updated information. For the cost difference, get the 2nd book (I discovered after I bought them all). Most of this information is also in the Rally Car Source book by the same author. For the money, I would recommend the Rally Source book, followed by the Competition Car Suspension: A practical handbook then the original if you just wanted it for your library.
Amazon Prices
Rally Source book $35 +/-
Competition Car Suspension: A practical handbook $35 +/-
Competition Car Suspension: Design, Construction, Tuning $99 +/-

Racing and Sports Car Chassis Design by Michael Costin (Author)

Tune to Win by Carroll Smith (Author)

One of the best books. Tons of info about taking a turd and turning it into a gemstone. Teaches about brakes, suspensions, engines, tires, aerodynamics, and vehicle dynamics. (Thanks to THAWA)

Formula Car Technology by Howdy; Alexander, Don; and Mayer, Steve Holmes (Author)

Prepare to Win by Carroll Smith (Author)

Another great book. Gives info about taking that turd and making sure it doesn't fall apart. Teaches about all the small parts of the car, linkages, fasteners, bearings, etc. (Thanks to THAWA)

Engineer to Win by Carroll Smith (Author)

Another one of the best. Teaches how to skip the whole turd part, and start off with the gemstone. Gives lots of info about metallurgy then applies that info to building. Covers some old topics and brings out some new topics. (Thanks to THAWA)

Competition Car Suspension: A practical handbook by Allan Staniforth (Author)

A smaller updated version of the original Competition Car Suspension: Design, Construction, Tuning also by Staniforth.

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics (R146)by William F. Milliken (Author), Douglas L. Milliken (Author)

Race Car Engineering and Mechanics by Paul Van Valkenburgh (Author)

Chassis Engineering HP1055 by Herb Adams (Author)

Good book with general information. Sort of like Tune to Win, but not quite as much detail. Still gives lots of information on most all of the same topics. (Thanks to THAWA)

How to Make Your Car Handle by Fred Puhn (Author)

Dwarf Car Technology by Steve Smith (Author)


Its always a good idea to grab the tech manual for your chosen donor.

Ford Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Control: How to Understand, Service, and Modify : All Ford/Lincoln-Mercury Cars and Light Trucks 1980-1987 (Ford) by Charles O. Probst (Author) (This is one of the manuals for mine as an example)

Maximum Boost: Designing, Testing, and Installing Turbocharger Systems (Engineering and Performance) by Corky Bell (Author)

Pretty much everything you will ever need to know about Turbochargers, starts with the basics, and ends with designing a system. Teaches how to read compressor maps, and shows the math behind everything. Definitely a must have for turbo folks. (Thanks to THAWA)

Supercharged!: Design, Testing, and Installation of Supercharged Systems by Corky Bell (Author)

Take everything written in Maximum Boost, and apply it to Superchargers, and you have this book. Gives info specific to Superchargers as well, mounting, belts, intake, etc. (Thanks to THAWA)

Four-Stroke Performance Tuning in Theory and Practice by A. Graham Bell (Author)

Turbochargers by Hugh MacInnes (Author)

Smokey Yunick's Power Secrets by S Yunick


Fiberglass and Other Composite MaterialsHP1498: A Guide to High Performance Non-Metallic Materials for AutomotiveRacing and Marine Use. Includes Fiberglass, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber,Molds, Structures an by Forbes D. Aird (Author)

Race Car Aerodynamics: Designing for Speed (Engineering and Performance) by Joseph Katz (Author)

Fiberglass & Composite Materials by D. Aird Forbes (Author)

Guts and Entrails

Custom Auto Electronics and Auto Electrical Reference Manual by Frank "Choco" Munday (Author)

Carroll Smith's Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners and Plumbing Handbook (Motorbooks Workshop) by Carroll Smith (Author)

The book touches on metallurgy, then delving into just about every nut, bolt, washer, rivet and most tubing and connectors out there. It is a great help in figuring out what to use where and why when it comes to connecting something to something else or getting a liquid to do something.


Race Car Fabrication & Preparation by Steve Smith (Author)

Metal Fabricator's Handbook by Ron Fournier (Author)

Welder's Handbook : A Complete Guide to Mig, Tig, Arc & Oxyacetylene Welding (Hp1264)

Sheet Metal Handbook: How to Form and Shape Sheet Metal for Competition, Custom and Restoration Use by Ron Fournier (Author), Sue Fournier (Author)

Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication by Tim Remus (Author)

Competition Car Composites: A Practical Guide (Haynes Competition Car Series) by Simon McBeath (Author)

Need to read anyway

The Unfair Advantage - Special Edition Hardcover by Mark Donohue (Author), Paul Van Valkenburgh (Author)

Lotus Seven: Preparation, Restoration and Maintenance. by Tony Weale (Author)
How to build your own Supercar
,[/url]Brian Thompson Covers the techniques needed to build a fiberglass bodied car and more.

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