Monday, October 10, 2011

...more wheels

Mini Wheels Diagram

Hartge 17" split rim staggered 4 x 100

 above are a set of original porsche phone dials...circa. late 1980's....below are a refreshed version produced by BMW/Mini


These will fit on an E21 but you need to fit 30mm spacers to make them work. These are Mini R81 7-hole (aka Imola) ET45 they are 12.0lb (5.45kg). They have some mild curb rash that could be worked out with some 200 grit and some hand sanding.

This is the lightest wheel BMW makes (has made for them, they are Italian). They are strong, they are light.



    This is my: FondMetal.R15 7J ET13 Tyres - 205/50, but i want change - 195\50 - Front and 205\50 - Rear

  2. they sort of look like bbs ra's...nice wheels!

  3. Thank you), but they need are better polished, but it's not so hard.And as they say - this does not affect on the speed )))

  4. i like those mini wheels because they are so LIGHT in weight...that equals more power for my m10...

  5. Light weight is good .. but for me there are 2 factors because of which I would not bet the wheels from Mini. 1) Style 2) spacers, I'm adverse to them. IMHO)