Saturday, December 10, 2011

...washington, dc. daily commuter...

a friend of mine asked if i had the free time, and if i wanted a free trip to washington dc...i took him up on it and i spent 2 nights and 1 full day in the i was walking around seeing the sights...i came across this gem sitting on the street...a daily commuter...

 Notice the rear spoiler...thin...small...not e30 but interesting...

February 1982


  1. I think, not enough European bumpers
    And rear brakes.. it's drums.. but they seemed less than the European, as in E30

  2. your right i prefer the euro bumpers too...i would venture that bmw preferred them too...however, you've reminded me that when you look closely at the rear'll see a dust guard that was placed on the rear...not sure beyond the obvious what they are for...

  3. David, I looked closely, and I can say for sure brakes from E30,to the same rims also from E30(ET35 i think). it's mine

  4. i saw the picture in the link shiny stuff is always pretty...i like may be correct...i looked at the brakes when i was taking the picture..and i couldn't tell what was happening on those rear brakes...but i know they don't look like the 323i disc brakes i put on mine...

  5. BTW, VIN code on the dashboard,so is for all american 21?