Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Landen, Belgium for Eurosunday 2011

over on they have posted some excellent european car photos taken at a gathering in Landen, Belgium for Eurosunday 2011

ho low can you go...over at there are a large number of european tuners that attended a gathering and this e21 was included in the pictures...obviously the roads there are better than here in the US...this car wouldn't make it in a stuff-mart parking lot here..

 i love this 316...the photogopher captured the european rear valance and the euro bumper which pronounces the toe and camber issues this driver's tires suffers with...the oddity of this picture however, look at the width of the wheel and tire..amazingly thin...

 racing seats...i wonder if this 316 has an M10 under the bonnet...

the single len headlinghts, euro bumpers, and the low riding front valance is hot...this owner has also installed black accenting side view mirrors...clean car...i like it.

there are many car featured on the site...and while i normally posst only e21's i thought this vw deserved an honorable mention...nice clean ride...the scirocco's are NOT available in the US would rape GTI sales...just sayin'

i have mixed emotions about the newer trends in paint...on one hand it looks like primer to me, yet the clean line and enlarged wheels and lower deck pulls it together really nicely...

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