Thursday, November 17, 2011

the money shot

over on the there is significant conversation brewing around the idea of creating a 2012 calendar with member cars...there are a lot of NICE cars on that forum...however, in my opinion this is the centerfold or money shot...this is a guy only known to me as TomD...this is however is not only a great shot of an e21...this is in my opinion what those forums are about...when i restored my model 'A' ford the car spent most of its life in this condition and those casual days of just 'piddling'...that is having a place to stand, surround with wrenches, memories of growing up in a garage and the mechanic that raised me...even when i'm there not doing a single thing considered "work" it is my place of silence, has ALWAYS been a place where i thought more than worked...i'm rambling...i love this picture because once a restoration is may seem obvious, but its over...

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    money shot of my car) May 2011