Friday, September 9, 2011

progress...she isn't perfect, but with a few beers in ya, she looks GREAT!

"otto" goes to the paint shop in 2 weeks...i got the euro rear valance panels from wallothnesch yesterday...i'm nervous and excited at that same time...

I am going to 'shave' the marker lights, tacking a small piece of covering sheet metal to fill the holes
The early models had sheet metal covering plates, later replaced with plastic covering plates (center) my '77 had 'some' light corrosion and i was planning on replacing them with the plastic versions, but i found another '77 in a cleveland garage that were perfect and came with the fenders i bought...oh yeah i lost the original fenders in a move!!!

The beneath rear valance that is typically covered with the black plastic is this rippled sheet metal
Subframe re-installed with new mounts, new wheel bearing and seals, painted and awaiting brakes ready for paint!

she isn't perfect....but with a few beers in ya, she looks great...

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