Friday, April 9, 2010

new stuff is so pretty!!!

ok so i'm not at the place where its zero to 60 mph in 2 weeks yet...but i have the engine set up-right and the plastic is off of it...sitting on its crate...i am ordering a sach's clutch kit this weekend...and hopefully i will pick up the transmission soon from anthony...i love working with parts that are clean!

last night i took all the parts i have assembled and put them aside...i need to inflate the tires move the car more towards the middle of the garage...and then assemble the clutch, transmission and engine...replace the shifter mechanisms, and then set it into the engine compartment...

i want to get the car back onto jack stands...i want to finish the remaining sanding and body work...(fender?)...i also need to install the heat resistant foil where the header is...

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