Thursday, November 19, 2009

an issue . . .'s the issue...i have a 1977 320i that is being converted from the traditional 4 speed to a 5 speed . . . however, if you look closely at the flanges...the one on the replacement 5 speed transmission is a 3 flange output which connects to the drive shaft (propeller) the original 4 speed transmission has a 4 flange output...i have the wrong drive shaft!!

NOTE: the close ratio 5 speed is a desirable conversion for many 2002 racers...The close ratio "dog-leg+ as it is called is a transmission that looks just like a 245, with an extended 5th gear housing mated onto the rear end of a 242 4-spd...many years ago my father had an R-Model Mack truck that was a 10 speed...this truck was designed primarily as a cross country hauler...thus the 10 speed with a higher gear ratio...because my father's application called for lower ratio gears, hauling heavy equipment on secondary road, he purchased a similar bolt on 5 gears...the close ratio getrag looks similar...with this same idea...

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