Friday, September 18, 2009

cylinder #4 and a lesson on why the term "flea-bay" is instructive

i think that i am desperate at this point searching for the long lost head for my M10...anyway, i find this head after getting a referral from a typically "reliable source"...and i find out that the company i am talking to only sell heads...this is there only business...this is singularly what they do...i call and after a through interview i order the head he offers...which of course the salesman assures me is a great head...long story shorter...i get the head shipped to the machine shop i am using...the guy from the machine shop gets the head several mornings later and he calls me and says david...i think you better come down to the shop and look at this head...i rush to the machine shop... 4 welds!! ... and a helicore sitting in 2 cracks at the spark plug seat...shaking my head that was my lesson on why they call often call ebay...flea-bay...

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